int InitNetica2_bn ( environ_ns*  env,   char*  mesg )

This initializes the Netica system. Call it before any other Netica functions except NewNeticaEnviron_ns, GetNeticaVersion_bn, or one of the environment configuration functions, such as ArgumentChecking_ns.

env should point to an environment created by calling NewNeticaEnviron_ns.

mesg should be a pointer to a character array which is allocated at least MESG_LEN_ns characters long. A startup welcome message will be left in mesg if InitNetica2_bn is successful, or an error message if it isn't.

It will return 0 or greater on success, or a negative value on failure. If it fails, then no other Netica API functions should be called with env except CloseNetica_bn. Use the return value to check for an error, rather than the regular Netica error system (e.g., GetError_ns).


This function is available in all versions.

In versions previous to 2.26 this function was named InitNetica_bn and took the address of a pointer to an environ_ns structure instead of just the pointer to the environ_ns.

See also:

NewNeticaEnviron_ns    Creates the required environ_ns object
CloseNetica_bn    Reverses the effects of InitNetica2_bn


int main (void){
    char mesg[MESG_LEN_ns];
    environ_ns* env;
    int res;
    env = NewNeticaEnviron_ns (NULL, NULL, NULL);    // substitute your 
                                                 license string for the
                                                 first NULL, if desired 
    res = InitNetica2_bn (env, mesg);
    printf ("%s\n", mesg);
    if (res < 0)  exit (-1);
    .... [rest of program]
    res = CloseNetica_bn (env, mesg);
    printf ("%s\n", mesg);
    exit (res < 0 ? -1: 0);