int GetNeticaVersion_bn ( environ_ns*  env,   const char**  version )

Returns the version number of Netica, multiplied by 100. For example, if the version of Netica currently running is 1.21, then 121 is returned.

If version is not NULL, then *version is set to a C string providing information on the version of Netica running. This consists of the full version number, a space, a code for the type of machine it is running on, a comma, the name of the program, and finally a code indicating some build information (in parentheses). An example is:
    2.06 Win, Netica (AB)

This function can be called before InitNetica2_bn (but of course it must be called after NewNeticaEnviron_ns, because that is needed to form env).

Do not try to modify or free the string returned as *version.


This function is available in all versions.

See also:

NewNeticaEnviron_ns    Form the required environ_ns


The following function is available in NeticaEx.c:
// This requires a global variable env, // initialized by a call to NewNeticaEnviron_ns: // env = NewNeticaEnviron_ns (NULL, NULL, NULL); // void PrintNeticaVersion (void){ const char* version; GetNeticaVersion_bn (env, version); printf ("Version of Netica running: %s\n", version); }