checking_ns ArgumentChecking_ns ( checking_ns  setting,   environ_ns*  env )

Whenever a Netica API function is called, its arguments may be automatically checked for validity. Call this function anytime to adjust the degree of checking Netica does until it is called next.

setting should be one of:
NO_CHECK    No checking
QUICK_CHECK    Only checks things that can be checked very quickly
REGULAR_CHECK    Regular checking
COMPLETE_CHECK    Exhaustively checks everything.
QUERY_CHECK    (See below)
Normally during development, the REGULAR_CHECK setting is used. For debugging, the setting can temporarily be changed to COMPLETE_CHECK, but that will run too slowly for most regular development. Once development is complete, production versions would normally have a setting of QUICK_CHECK (NO_CHECK is discouraged, since it isn't much faster, but its also a possibility), but they may occasionally temporarily change it to REGULAR_CHECK in order to do user input checking.

The previous degree of checking is returned. If QUERY_CHECK is passed for setting, then the degree of checking is returned without changing it.


This function is available in all versions.

See also:

ClearErrors_ns    To start off with a clean slate of no recorded errors
GetError_ns    To get the report for an error that has been detected