void SetNodePersistance_bn ( const node_bn*  node,   int  dimension,   const char*  persistance )

Sets the time persistance for a node of a dynamic Bayes net (DBN), which is the maximum time it should hold its value before taking on a new one.

persistance is expressed as a string. In many applications it will just be the string "1", but it can be another number, such as "0.25", or the name of a constant node, such as "period", whose current value will be used.

dimension must be 0 with this version of Netica.

It is usually better to first try not setting any node persistances, but rather just link delays, using SetNodeInputDelay_bn. After expanding the net with ExpandNet_bn, if some nodes are not being given new values at a fast enough rate (i.e., they do not appear often enough in the time expansion), giving them a persistance of the desired period time will help. Note that nodes will be repeated at a rate high enough to satisfy both link delays and node persistances, which may mean faster repititions (i.e. shorter periods) than either of these explicitly call for by themselves.


Versions 5.04 and later have this function.

See also:

SetNodeInputDelay_bn    Another factor controling how often nodes are repeated in expanded net
ExpandNet_bn    Expand the net once all persistances are set