net_bn* ExpandNet_bn ( net_bn*  net,   int  dimn,   double  result_time,   double  burn_time,   const char*  options )

Expands the dynamic Bayes net (DBN) net to create one with time slices in the same way Netica Application does.

dimn must be 0 with this version of Netica.

result_time gives the amount of "time" the expansion is over. If all the delay links have a delay of 1, then it will be the number of time-slices produced.

burn_time is like result_time but it is the amount of time that would appear before the first node of the expanded net that Netica uses to calculate the probability distribution of the initial nodes. Making it larger means Netica finds an initial distribution closer to the steady-state one, but requires more computation time.

Pass NULL for options; it is only for future expansion.


Versions 5.02 and greater have this function.

See also:

SetNodeInputDelay_bn    Set the link delays before expansion
CompileNet_bn    To compile after expanding