void SetNodeInputDelay_bn ( const node_bn*  node,   int  link_index,   int  dimension,   const char*  delay )

Sets the "time" delay for a link of a dynamic Bayes net (DBN) to delay.

delay is the length of delay as a string. In many applications it will just be the string "1", but it can be another number, such as "0.25", or the name of a constant node, such as "dt", whose current value will be used.

The link is given by node, link_index in the same way as it is for SetNodeInputName_bn. link_index corresponds to the ordering of the parents obtained by GetNodeParents_bn (with the first parent having input_index = 0). The reason that an index number is passed instead of the actual parent, is because the link may not have a parent node (i.e., it is "disconnected"), or there may be more than 1 link from the same parent to node. You can find it with: IndexOfNodeInList_bn (parent, GetNodeParents_bn (child)).

dimension must be 0 with this version of Netica.


Versions 5.02 and later have this function.

See also:

GetInputNamed_bn    Retrieves the index given the name (can be useful to find link_index)
SetNodeInputName_bn    The name of the same link
GetNodeParents_bn    With IndexOfNodeInList_bn can be useful to find link_index
SetNodePersistance_bn    Sets the length of time that one node in the expanded net represents
ExpandNet_bn    Expand the net once all delays are set