void AddFileToCaseset_cs ( caseset_cs*  cases,   const stream_ns*  file,   double  degree,   const char*  options )

Indicates that all the cases within file should be added to the caseset cases.

degree indicates how each case in the stream should be weighted. See ReviseCPTsByFindings_bn for more information about the relative weighting of cases.

Pass NULL for options. It is only for future expansion.

After adding file to the caseset_cs, you should not modify file until you are done with the caseset_cs.

TEMPORARY LIMITATION: Currently you can only add one file or database retrieval to a caseset.


Versions 2.26 and later have this function.

See also:

WriteCaseset_cs    Reverse function.
NewCaseset_cs    Create a new Caseset.
DeleteCaseset_cs    Free the resources (e.g., memory) used by the Caseset.
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AddDBCasesToCaseset_cs    Add cases from a database instead of a file.