void TestWithCaseset_bn ( tester_bn*  test,   caseset_cs*  cases )

Scans through the case data in cases to do a number of performance tests on a Bayes net (specified when creating the tester_bn).

Netica will pass through the caseset, processing the cases one-by-one. Netica first reads in the case, except for any findings for the unobserved nodes (specified when creating the tester_bn). It then does belief updating to generate beliefs for each of the unobserved nodes, and checks those beliefs against the true value for those nodes as supplied by the case file (if they are supplied for that case). It accumulates all the comparisons into summary statistics (which may be retrieved by the various GetTest... functions).

IMPORTANT: Before calling TestWithCaseset_bn, you may want to call RetractNetFindings_bn to remove any findings entered, because otherwise those findings will be considered while testing each case in the file.

The net must be compiled (see CompileNet_bn) before calling this.

This function can be called multiple times with different files to accumulate the results of all the cases.

Calls to this function can be intermingled with calls to GetTestConfusion_bn, GetTestErrorRate_bn, GetTestLogLoss_bn, and GetTestQuadraticLoss_bn.

This function will properly support a 'NumCases' column in any case file used to create the caseset, if such a column was present.


Versions 2.08 and later have this function. In versions previous to 3.15, this function was named TestWithFile_bn.

See also:

NewNetTester_bn    Construct the tester_bn object


See NewNetTester_bn.