double SizeCompiledNet_bn ( net_bn*  net,   int  method )

Returns the total size of the internal structure created by compiling a net (i.e., the junction tree, including sepsets), considering the findings currently entered. The size is measured as the number of state space entries (i.e., the number of probabilities that must be stored).

Pass 0 for method. It is only for future expansion.

net must already be compiled before calling this (see CompileNet_bn).

Maximum inference time for belief updating, and memory required for compiling and updating, are both linearly related to the quantity returned (the number of bytes required is 4 times the number returned). They are maximum, providing net does not have any positive findings entered which are later removed.

The value returned will be at its maximum before any findings are entered, and with each new positive finding entered, it will decrease or remain constant. Any likelihood or negative findings entered will not alter the value returned, unless they are equivalent to a positive finding.


Versions 2.06 and later have this function.

See also:

ReportJunctionTree_bn    Provides more information on junction tree
CompileNet_bn    Need to compile the net first
SetNetElimOrder_bn    Elimination order can have a major effect on the compiled size