const char* ReportJunctionTree_bn ( net_bn*  net )

Returns a null terminated C string containing a report of the junction tree for net, similar to that produced by the Netica Application operation "Report -> Junction Tree".

The report consists of one line for each clique, consisting of the clique's index, a list of cliques (i.e., their indexes) which the clique is connected to, and finally a list of nodes in the clique. At the end is the total statespace size of all the cliques, then the total size (with sepsets) added, and finally the total size with sepsets reduced by simplifications due to any findings currently entered.

net must already be compiled before calling this.


Versions 2.10 and later have this function.

See also:

CompileNet_bn    Need to compile the net first
SizeCompiledNet_bn    Just gets the overall size of the junction tree


// Below is example output from ReportJunctionTree_bn for the "ChestClinic" Bayes net.

Clique  [Joined To]  Size   Member nodes (* means home)
 0  [1]                 4  (*VisitAsia, *Tuberculosis)
 1  [0 2]               8  (Tuberculosis, Cancer, *TbOrCa)
 2  [1 3 4]             8  (Cancer, TbOrCa, Bronchitis)
 3  [2 5]               8  (TbOrCa, Bronchitis, *Dyspnea)
 4  [2]                 8  (*Smoking, *Cancer, *Bronchitis)
 5  [3]                 4  (*XRay, TbOrCa)
Sum of clique sizes = 40  (with sepsets = 56)