color_ns SetNodesetColor_bn ( const char*  nodeset,   color_ns  color,   net_bn*  net,   void*  vis )

This sets the color of nodeset to color and returns the old color of nodeset.

To indicate that nodes should not be colored based on this node-set, but rather to go on to the next lower priority node-set to determine the color, pass -2 for color (which can also be a return value of this function).

To just return the existing color (without changing it), pass QUERY_ns for color.

Colors are represented by ints, with the most significant byte(s) being 0, and last 3 bytes being red, green, blue (similar to colors in HTML documents).

The purpose of color is only for display purposes in Netica Application. If the color display is not as you expect, perhaps it is due to the node-set priority order.

Pass NULL for vis; it is only for future expansion.


Versions 3.22 and later have this function.

See also:

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