void ReorderNodesets_bn ( net_bn*  net,   const char*  nodeset_order,   void*  vis )

This rearranges the priority order of the node-sets of net.

Any node-sets contained in the comma-separated string nodeset_order will become the highest priority, with the nodes earlier in that list being higher priority. The priority of nodes not mentioned in nodeset_order will not be modified.

The purpose of the node-set priority order is just to determine which node-set to use for coloring a node in Netica Application.

Pass NULL for vis; it is only for future expansion.


Versions 3.22 and later have this function.

See also:

AddNodeToNodeset_bn    To create node-sets
SetNodesetColor_bn    How the node-set is displayed in Netica Application
GetAllNodesets_bn    Returns string listing all node-sets defined