void SetNodeExperience_bn ( node_bn*  node,   const state_bn*  parent_states,   double  experience )

This is to associate a degree of experience with each belief vector of node's conditional probability table. It sets the amount of experience for the condition described by parent_states (which provides a value for each parent) to experience.

The order of the states in parent_states should match the order of the nodes in the list returned by GetNodeParents_bn (this will be the same order that parents were added using AddLink_bn). MapStateList_bn may be useful for that. parent_states can be NULL if node has no parents.

If any entry of parent_states is EVERY_STATE then it applies to all possible values of the corresponding parent (see SetNodeProbs_bn).

To cycle through all the possibilities of parent_states, see the NeticaEx function NextStates.


This function is available in all versions.
In versions 1.33 and earlier, "EVERY_STATE" was called "WILDCARD_STATE".

See also:

GetNodeExperience_bn    Retrieves values
ReviseCPTsByFindings_bn    Increments experience
ReviseCPTsByCaseFile_bn    Sets experience to measure the number of relevant cases
FadeCPTable_bn    Decreases experience, and smoothes the probabilities
SetNodeProbs_bn    Sets corresponding CPT table entry
MapStateList_bn    To create the state list passed in