double GetNodeExperience_bn ( const node_bn*  node,   const state_bn*  parent_states )

Given parent_states, a vector of states for the parents of node, this returns the "experience" of the node for the situation described by the parent states.

The experience is also known as the "number of cases", ess, or estimated sample size.

If no experience value has been assigned to this parent configuration (either by learning or SetNodeExperience_bn), then UNDEF_DBL is returned, without generating an error.

The order of the states in parent_states should match the order of the nodes in the list returned by GetNodeParents_bn (this will be the same order that parents were added using AddLink_bn). MapStateList_bn may be useful for that. parent_states can be NULL if node has no parents.

To cycle through all the possibilities of parent_states, see the NeticaEx function NextStates.


This function is available in all versions.

See also:

SetNodeExperience_bn    Sets them
GetNodeProbs_bn    Get the corresponding probability vector
ReviseCPTsByFindings_bn    Increments experience
ReviseCPTsByCaseFile_bn    Experience will measure the number of cases with each parent configuration
MapStateList_bn    To create the state list passed in