int SetLearnerMaxIters_bn ( learner_bn*  learner,   int  max_iters )

Sets the maximum number of learning-step iterations (i.e., complete passes through the data) which will be done when learner is used, after which learning will be automatically terminated. This applies to EM_LEARNING and GRADIENT_DESCENT_LEARNING only, since they are iterative by nature. Learning by the COUNTING_LEARNING method is not affected by this function.

Learning may be terminated earlier, if it first reaches another limit, such as learner's maximum tolerance limit (see SetLearnerMaxTol_bn).

max_iters must be greater than 0 (or QUERY_ns). The default is 1000.

It returns the previous value of this limit (always 1 for COUNTING_LEARNING). If QUERY_ns is passed for max_iters, it just returns the previous value without changing it.


Versions 2.26 and later have this function.

See also:

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