learner_bn* NewLearner_bn ( learn_method_bn  method,   const char*  options,   environ_ns*  env )

Creates and returns a new learner_bn object for use in learning of CPTs from case data, and associates it with a given Netica environment.

After creating this object, you use it to set the learning parameters you want, and then you pass it to a learning function, such as LearnCPTs_bn, to actually perform the learning on some net using some data file. When done, you discard the learner_bn with DeleteLearner_bn.

Pass NULL for options; it is only for future expansion.

method must be one of COUNTING_LEARNING, EM_LEARNING, or GRADIENT_DESCENT_LEARNING. See LearnCPTs_bn for a description of how each learning algorithm operates.


Versions 2.26 and later have this function.

See also:

SetLearnerMaxIters_bn    Set the maximum number of iterations (if applicable) it will do when learning
SetLearnerMaxTol_bn    Set the maximum tolerance (if applicable) it will allow before termination
LearnCPTs_bn    Performs the learning
DeleteLearner_bn    Discard the learner_bn
NewRandomGenerator_ns    May also want this to control randomization


See AddDBCasesToCaseset_cs