net_bn* NewNet_bn ( const char*  name,   environ_ns*  env )

Creates and returns a new net, initially having no nodes (use NewNode_bn to add nodes). If just nature nodes are added to this net, it will be a Bayes net, while if any decision nodes are also added, it will be a decision net.

The name of the new net will be name. It must be a legal IDname, which means it must have NAME_MAX_ns (30) or fewer characters, all of which are letters, digits or underscores, and it must start with a letter.

Netica will make a copy of name; it won't modify or free the passed string.

When you are done with the net, you should pass it to DeleteNet_bn.

See also:

DeleteNet_bn    (reverse operation) Frees the memory used by a net
ReadNet_bn    Create a net, by reading it from a file
GetNthNet_bn    Retrieve a net already created
SetNetName_bn    Later change the name
SetNetTitle_bn    Label the net without the IDname restriction
GetNetName_bn    Retrieve name
NewNode_bn    Add nodes to the new net
SetNetAutoUpdate_bn    Good to set this immediately after creating net, since the default value varies between Netica versions