net_bn ReadNet_bn ( stream_ns*  file,   int  options )

Reads a net from file, and returns the new net read, or NULL if reading was impossible. Even if this function returns a non-NULL value, you should check if it generated any errors, since it may report on a problem but return the best net it can..

If options is NO_VISUAL_INFO, then any information about the visual display of the net for use by the graphical editor is ignored. You may want to read the visual information even if you won't be displaying the net, so that when it is written to file again, the information will not be lost for Netica Application, in which case pass NO_WINDOW for options.

If there were findings entered when the net was written to file, they will be present after reading, so you may want to do a RetractNetFindings_bn right after reading the net.

The Net will be created in the same environ_ns as file is in.


This function is available in all versions. Versions previous to 2.27 could not read files in .neta format. Some other Netica API programming environments which have a visual display allow the options argument to be MINIMIZED_WINDOW or REGULAR_WINDOW.

See also:

NewFileStream_ns    Generates the required stream_ns from the file name
WriteNet_bn    Saves a net to file in a format understood by ReadNet_bn
GetNetFileName_bn    Later retrieve the name of the file that net was read from


See WriteNet_bn