double GetNodeValueEntered_bn ( const node_bn*  node )

Returns the real-valued finding entered for node, or UNDEF_DBL if none has been entered since the last retraction.

Usually this function is for continuous nodes. If node is not a continuous node, but has been given a levels list, and a discrete finding has been entered, then that finding will be converted to a real-value by the levels list, and the real-value returned (see SetNodeLevels_bn for an explanation of the levels list).

If node is not a continuous node, and doesn't have a levels list defined, then an error is generated.


In version 1.18 and earlier, this function was named GetNodeValue_bn.

See also:

GetNodeFinding_bn    For discrete findings, rather than continuous
CalcNodeValue_bn    Will compute from neighbors if deterministic
EnterNodeValue_bn    To enter a real-valued finding into a node
RetractNodeFindings_bn    To clear away all findings entered into a node