state_bn GetNodeFinding_bn ( const node_bn*  node )

If a positive finding has been entered for node, this returns the finding. If no findings have been entered it returns NO_FINDING, and it can also return NEGATIVE_FINDING or LIKELIHOOD_FINDING.

The value returned will be one of:
>= 0    The positive (certain) finding which has been entered
NO_FINDING    No findings have been entered, or likelihood findings exactly cancel
NEGATIVE_FINDING    One or more negative findings have been entered
LIKELIHOOD_FINDING    One or more likelihood findings have been entered
The value returned indicates the simplest way to express the accumulation of all findings entered for node since the last retraction. For instance, if the node has 3 possible states, and negative findings have been entered for 2 of them, then the value returned will be the remaining state. If the accumulation of all likelihood findings entered so far result in a likelihood vector with only one nonzero entry, that state will be returned. If it results in a likelihood vector with some zero entries and some nonzero, but equal, entries, NEGATIVE_FINDING will be returned; if entries are unequal then LIKELIHOOD_FINDING will be returned, and if they are all equal then NO_FINDING will be returned (i.e., a number of likelihood findings which exactly canceled each other were entered).

Note that positive findings cannot cancel; if 2 differing positive findings are entered for a node, an error is generated.

If you wish to obtain the actual result of accumulated likelihood or negative findings, use GetNodeLikelihood_bn.

This function is for discrete or discretized nodes; for continuous nodes, use GetNodeValueEntered_bn.


This function is available in all versions.

See also:

GetNodeLikelihood_bn    To get likelihood or negative findings
GetNodeValueEntered_bn    To get a real valued finding for a continuous node
EnterFinding_bn    To enter a finding
RetractNodeFindings_bn    To clear away all findings entered so far for this node