errseverity_ns ErrorSeverity_ns ( const report_ns*  error )

Given error, a report of an error which occurred, this returns an indicator of how serious the error is.

These are some of the values, in order from least to most serious, that may be returned:
NOTHING_ERR    Not anything (nothing to report)
REPORT_ERR    Not an error, but a report of success
NOTICE_ERR    Notice of something unusual
WARNING_ERR    Event occurred at "warning" level - requested operation was completed,
but results are suspect in some way
ERROR_ERR    Event occurred at "error" level - requested operation was not properly finished,
but no internal inconsistencies resulted
XXX_ERR    Internal error, things left inconsistent - continuing could crash system
The less serious errors have lower numerical value, so it is okay to use expressions like >= WARNING_ERR. In fact, it is better to use inequalities than equalities, since later some error levels may be inserted between those of the current list. NOTHING_ERR will always be the lowest, and XXX_ERR will always be the highest.

If the severity is XXX_ERR, then the event causing it is the fault of Netica, and you should contact Norsys about it (, but if it is any of the others, you should be able to change your software to remove any problems.


In versions previous to 2.10, this function was named ErrorDanger_ns, and errseverity_ns was named errdanger_ns.

See also:

ErrorNumber_ns    Return the error's identification number
ErrorCategory_ns    Return what kind of error it is
GetError_ns    Obtains the report_ns in the first place