bool_ns ErrorCategory_ns ( errcond_ns  errcnd,   const report_ns*  error )

Returns a boolean to indicate whether error was caused by the condition errcnd.

This is to discover the reason behind an error which has occurred. It groups together errors into broad classes.

For errcnd pass one of the conditions below, and the return value will be TRUE iff that was a cause of the error. Note that some errors could have more than one cause.

Possible values for errcnd are:
OUT_OF_MEMORY_CND    System did not have enough memory to complete operation
INCONS_FINDING_CND    Inconsistent finding (only)
USER_ABORTED_CND    User halted the function before it completed (not possible when using a Netica API version without the user interface)
FROM_DEVELOPER_CND    Your program indicated the error by calling NewError_ns
FROM_WRAPPER_CND    Error occurred in a language specific converter for VB, JAVA, or C++, etc.


Versions 1.30 and later have this function.

See also:

ErrorNumber_ns    Return the error's identification number
ErrorMessage_ns    Return a complete error message
ErrorSeverity_ns    Return how serious the error is
GetError_ns    Obtains the report_ns in the first place