void EnterGaussianFinding_bn ( node_bn*  node,   double  mean,   double  std_dev )

Enters a likelihood finding for node equivalent to a Gaussian distribution (normal distribution) with a mean of mean and a standard deviation of std_dev.

This will not remove any findings already entered for node (it will accumulate), so you may want to call RetractNodeFindings_bn first.

node must be a continuous node (see NewNode_bn), but discretized.

If the net has auto-updating (see SetNetAutoUpdate_bn), then a belief updating will be done to reflect the new finding before this function returns (otherwise it will just be done when needed).

To work with Gaussian distribution CPTs, see SetNodeEquation_bn.


Versions 3.15 and later have this function.

See also:

EnterNodeValue_bn    Enter a point value
EnterIntervalFinding_bn    To enter a uniform distribution interval finding


// This function will clear previously entered finding information
// before entering new gaussian information.
void SetGaussianFinding (node_bn* node, double mean, double std_dev ){
    net_bn* net = GetNodeNet_bn (node);
    int saved = SetNetAutoUpdate_bn (net, 0);    // turning it off can greatly aid efficiency
    RetractNodeFindings_bn (node);
    EnterGaussianFinding_bn (node, mean, std_dev);
    SetNetAutoUpdate_bn (net, saved);