void SetNodeEquation_bn ( node_bn*  node,   const char*  eqn )

This associates the equation eqn (a null terminated C character string) as the equation of node.

The equation can be deterministic, so that it specifies a value for node, given values for its parents (i.e., it expresses node as a function of its parents). Or, it can be probabilistic, so that it provides a probability for each of node's values (i.e., a probability distribution), as a function of its parents.

For information on Netica equations, see the "Equation" chapter of Netica Application's onscreen help.

WARNING: Setting a node's equation does not modify its CPT table (which is what is used for inference in a compiled net). To modify the CPT table so that it reflects the new equation, use EquationToTable_bn.

To remove a node's equation, pass NULL or the empty string for eqn.

Netica will make a copy of eqn; it won't modify or free the passed string.

There is no restriction on the length or complexity of the equation.


Versions 1.30 and later have this function.

See also:

GetNodeEquation_bn    Retrieves value
EquationToTable_bn    Required to convert the equation to a CPT table for inference