const char* CreateCustomReport_bn ( net_bn*  net,   const nodelist_bn*  sel_nodes,   const char*  templat,   const char*  options )

Creates a text (possibly HTML, RTF, TXT, etc.) report on net, which is completely customizable using a text template, and can include a wide variety of information on the net, its nodes, links, probability tables, current findings, beliefs, decisions, sensitivity, junction tree, etc.

Pass the net to make the report on, and optionally a list of "selected" nodes as argument sel_nodes.

templat is a text template for the report to be generated. For information on how to form templat, see the documentation for the Netica-Web product, chapter "Generating User Reports".

Pass NULL for options, it is for future expansion.

The string returned is only valid until the next call to CreateCustomReport_bn with this net, so copy it if you need it longer. There is no need to free the string returned, Netica will manage it.


Versions 5.02 and greater have this function.