Innovative Decisions, Inc.
Innovative Decisions, Inc., (IDI) is a management consulting firm specializing in the disciplines of decision analysis, probabilistic analysis, operations research, and systems engineering. Their staff includes several of the world's leading Bayes net experts, who have been using Netica for many years. IDI supports the needs of analysts, managers and senior decision-makers through its consulting, facilitation, research and training services.

Information Extraction & Transport
IET is an R&D company that performs custom system development and consulting in artificial intelligence software systems, and modeling of expert and common sense knowledge. In our opinion, IET has available the largest concentration of top-notch Bayes net experts in the industry. IET has been using Netica for many years and many of its consultants are expert users.

Bayesian Intelligence, Pty Ltd.
Bayesian Intelligence specialises in modelling with Bayesian networks, eliciting probabilistic information from experts, data mining Bayesian networks, programming interfaces with customer products, and training in Bayesian network technology.

Business Intelligence Solutions
Business Intelligence Solutions (BISolutions) is a data mining consulting company with offices in Philadelphia and Toronto. The company provides business analytics/data mining, GIS/spatial statistics, and C++/.Net/Java application development services. BISolutions uses Netica in the development of diverse decision support systems, based on Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN). In particular, BISolutions employs BBN in the banking industry for consumer credit scoring and for credit scorecard design, and in the call center industry for ensuring that call center agents recognize critical situations and for generating the appropriate questions for agents to ask in these situations.

Causal Links LLC
Causal Links LLC helps people and organizations make better decisions. Using a Bayesian Network modeling approach, we develop causal models for complex situations and problems. Based on such models we build decision tools which provide interactive environments for the decision makers to analyze their situations, perform what-if scenarios, and evaluate the outcomes and benefits of various options. Our automated tools are well suited to analysis of complex systems like education, health, environment, and banking. We have applied our approach to disparate fields and developed an education diagnostic system for Peru and Jamaica (USAID), a risk analysis tool to assess the vulnerability of developing countries to money laundering (The World Bank), and a diagnostic tool to diagnose and recommend remedial actions concerning unwanted water problems in oil fields (for Schlumberger).

Dr. Bruce Marcot
Bruce Marcot is a wildlife ecologist and researcher who has been applying Netica to ecological modelling for several years, and has built hundreds of Bayes nets using Netica. He is one of the world's leading experts in building ecological species models with Bayes nets, and also has expertise in using Bayes net models for resource decision management. He is presently fully employed, and so is probably not available for consulting, but he may be able to point you in the right direction.

Dynasty Technologies Inc.
Dynasty provides development environments and knowledge based solutions for automating and simplifying the building, maintenance and evolution of enterprise applications. By basing development on open standards and reusable components rather than writing large amounts of code, Dynasty enables companies to rapidly build, test, deploy, manage, and maintain their applications and Web Services.

PA Consulting
PA Consulting Group is a leading global management, systems and technology consulting firm. Committed to innovation, responsive to our clients' needs, and focused on delivery of value, PA designs and delivers innovative solutions to complex business issues. In particular, they demonstrate excellence in all aspects of modeling and statistical analysis, operating across a wide variety of business sectors and applications. For more information on our approach and techniques, click here.

Shelter Island Risk Services
Shelter Island Risk Services (SIR) helps major organizations enhance their risk management operations through advanced information and analytical services. SIR works to improve systems for collecting, monitoring, interpreting and communicating risk data-including selecting and implementing new technology. The firm has offices in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and New Jersey. SIR is using Netica to identify loss prevention strategies and to implement methods for reducing claim and litigation expense.

Tessella is an international analytics, software services and consulting company known for finding and delivering innovative answers to the complex business and technical challenges of some of the world's most forward-thinking organizations. We have extensive experience in using Bayesian Belief Networks to help our clients.