void SetNodeVisStyle_bn ( node_bn*  node,   void*  vis,   const char*  style )

Sets the style of node for any visual display (e.g., in Netica Application).

This is useful when directly programming Netica Application (see NewNeticaEnviron_ns), or before writing a net to a file that will later be read by Netica Application.

style must be one of: "Default", "Absent", "Shape", "LabeledBox", "BeliefBars", "BeliefLine", or "Meter". In future, other qualifiers may be added to this style parameter (e.g., "LabeledBox,CornerRoundingRadius=3,LineThickness=2").

Note that setting the style does not guarantee that a particular display application will be able to display the node in that style. Some applications may be limited in their ability and may interpret a particular display style differently or even ignore it.

Pass NULL for vis; it is only for future expansion.


Versions 3.05 and later have this function.

See also:

GetNodeVisStyle_bn    Gets style
SetNodeVisPosition_bn    Sets coordinates