void SetNetUserData_bn ( net_bn*  net,   int  kind,   void* data )

Attaches to net the data pointed to by data. Only your program needs to be able to understand this data. It may point to whatever is desired, possibly a large structure with many fields. This information may later be recovered using GetNetUserData_bn.

Pass 0 for kind. It is only for future expansion.

Only one user pointer may be attached to net at a time. When net is written to file, this user data is not included. For user-defined field-by-field data that gets saved to file, see SetNetUserField_bn.

Likewise, when the net is duplicated (CopyNet_bn), this user data is not included.

Netica will not modify, free or duplicate the data, even if the net is freed.


This function is available in all versions.

See also:

GetNetUserData_bn    Retrieves value
SetNetUserField_bn    Attach information field-by-field, and have it saved to file
SetNodeUserData_bn    Attach a user pointer to a particular node