int SetCaseFileDelimChar_ns ( int  newchar,   environ_ns*  env )

Sets the symbol used to separate data fields in a case file being created by Netica.

For newchar, pass the ascii character code. It must be one of tab (9), space (32) or comma (44).

Whole cases are always separated by a line end (i.e., a carriage return, a newline, or both).

newchar will only be used by Netica for creating case files; while reading them it will understand any of the above choices.

It returns the old symbol being used for this purpose. If QUERY_ns is passed for newchar, then the old value is returned without changing it.


Versions 1.18 and later have this function.

See also:

SetMissingDataChar_ns    Set the character used to indicate missing data
WriteNetFindings_bn    The function that uses the file delimiter character


int old_delim = SetCaseFileDelimChar_ns (',', env);
int old_miss  = SetMissingDataChar_ns (0, env);   // 0 allowed only if delim char is comma
// ... WriteNetFindings_bn ...
SetCaseFileDelimChar_ns (old_delim, env);         // restore (only do if necessary)
SetMissingDataChar_ns (old_miss, env);