void ReorderNodeStates_bn ( node_bn*  node,   const state_bn*  new_order )

Rearranges the order of the states so that state i is moved to position new_order[i]. The length of new_order must be the number of states of node, all its entries must be between 0 and numstates-1, and it must not contain any duplicates.

All relevant parts of node will be modified to reflect the change. State names, titles, and comments will be moved, and the tables (CPT, experience, and function) will be adusted.

This function is for discrete nodes only. It is not for continuous nodes, even if they have been discretized.


Since version 3.

See also:

AddNodeStates_bn    Adds one or more new states
RemoveNodeState_bn    Removes a single state
GetNodeNumberStates_bn    new_order must have this many elements
GetStateNamed_bn    Retrieve the new indexes of the states