bool_ns IsNodeRelated_bn ( const node_bn*  node1,   const char*  relation,   const node_bn*  node2 )

Tests whether node1 is in the relationship relation with node2.

Returns TRUE if-and-only-if the expression "node1 is/is-a/is-in-the relation of/to/with node2" is true.

relation should be one of "parent", "child", "ancestor", "descendent", "connected", "markov_blanket", "d_connected".


Versions 3.05 and later have this function.

See also:

GetRelatedNodes_bn    Finds all nodes bearing relationship
GetRelatedNodesMult_bn    Same, but for all members in a nodelist
GetNodeParents_bn    Finds all parents of a node
GetNodeChildren_bn    Finds all children of a node
GetNetNodes_bn    Get all nodes in the net


//Test if node1 is a parent of node2
if (IsNodeRelated_bn (node1, "parent", node2)) ...
Example 2:
//Test if node1 is in the markov blanket of node2
if (IsNodeRelated_bn (node1, "markov_blanket", node2)) ...