void ExecuteDBSql_cs ( dbmgr_cs*  dbmgr,   const char*  sql_cmnd,   const char*  options )

Executes sql_cmnd, an arbitrary SQL1 command, on the database managed by dbmgr.

This function is useful for doing database administration tasks. Netica makes no attempt to interpret the command; it just passes it directly to the database driver.

If there is a problem with the SQL command, a Netica error will be generated explaining the nature of the problem.

WARNING: This function can severely modify the database.

1 SQL is a standard query language for accessing databases. To properly use this function, you should have familiarity with SQL.

Pass NULL for options; it is only for future expansion.


Versions 2.26 and later have this function.

See also:

NewDBManager_cs    Creates the dbmgr_cs
InsertFindingsIntoDB_bn    Insert net findings using SQL INSERT
AddDBCasesToCaseset_cs    Retrieve a set of cases using SQL SELECT
AddNodesFromDB_bn    Add nodes to a net using cases from SQL SELECT


See NewDBManager_cs