American Medical
Informatics Association
There is an annual AMIA Symposium Workshop called "Building Bayesian Decision Support Systems", which discusses theoretical and practical issues of using Netica in medical informatics (including learning from databases, probabilistic diagnosis and system performance evaluation). It is taught by Dr. Dominik Aronsky and Dr. Peter Haug.

CSIRO Land and Water
CSIRO Land and Water, Davies Lab Townsville, presents a three-part public seminar series on Bayesian Networks and Netica. The first pilot series will begin on March 14th, 2007. For more information, see their website and seminar outline.

Innovative Decisions, Inc.
Innovative Decisions, Inc., (IDI) offers a one, two, or three-day course in probabilistic inference and Bayesian Nets entitled Bayesian Network Analysis. The course provides a practical overview and introduction to the discipline of probabilistic inference and introduces students to Bayesian Nets using Netica.

 Norsys Software Corp.
Norsys offers telephone tutorials on Netica, Netica API, Bayes net theory, and how to build Bayes net systems. The rate is $100 US per hour for individualized one-on-one instruction or consulting. Please contact us to schedule a mutually convenient time.